For the Record: Separating Fact from Fiction

The Contrasts are Clear:

Here are the recent highlights:

  1. Since the South Ward councilman was elected in 2010, crime in the South Ward has risen 70 percent.

    As the third-highest ranking assistant attorney general for the State of New Jersey, Shavar led a team that reduced crime three years in a row. As mayor, Shavar will implement a public safety plan that will include three components: prevention, enforcement, and re-entry.
  2. didyouknow.pngThe Newark City Council passed a budget which resulted in the layoff of almost 170 police officers, and hundreds more through retirement. 

    Shavar has announced a five-point plan to identify existing money in the city's budget to restore the depleting number of police officers.

  3. Shavar does not support the closing of any public schools this year. 

    Shavar wholeheartedly supports parental choice and believes that parents, not politicians, should decide were their children attend school.

Want to learn more? Read Shavar's issue statements and policy plans: